"IamIP ist sehr hilfreich, um herauszufinden, was unsere Wettbewerber tun" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB


Almi Företagspartner is Sweden’s leading national player that helps companies develop and become more profitable. It does this by offering financing solutions that complement the market, advice and many other valuable services to business owners. Almi works in both the early and latter stages of the business process and does not focus on a particular area of technology or target group. 

"In our role as innovation advisor, we look for new ideas that have a clear benefit for the intended user. In this line of work it’s important to find out at an early stage if there are already competing solutions and, if so, how they are structured," says Martin Bröms, Innovation Advisor at Almi. "It’s also important to gauge the prospects for obtaining good IPR protection for a product and thereby creating an often decisive competitive edge," continues Martin.

How do we know if there’s market potential?

After the first meeting with the person with the idea, Almi tries to check that the idea or product has not already been developed and is not available on the market. After conducting some Google searches itself, Almi carries out a technical survey and sometimes a market survey to examine the grounds for proceeding with the idea.

"After some form of technical/functional verification, we want to see if the product can be patented. We also want to see how others have chosen to solve the same basic problem. At this stage, after the analysis, we often pause the process and summarize the results. After studying some other important issues we have a plan to proceed with," Martin explains.

In addition to the simple but important checks that Almi carries out itself, Almi uses IPR specialists for:

  • Strategy work
  • Freedom-to-operate checks
  • Patent applications
  • Design protection and brand issues

IamIP helps us to identify the business relevance

IamIP first came across Almi at Aurorum in Luleå, northern Sweden, when it gave a presentation of its innovative platform for patents.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the type of information that could be found when the tool was used the right way. As Almi Nord managed three IPR checks in 2013, and I had a suitable project in mind during the meeting, I proposed IamIP as a supplier of strategic work to the company Swedroof AB," says Martin. "IamIP has managed to deliver excellent-quality IPR evaluations and technical surveys, both with strong business relevance and significance for the company’s future – it now knows far more about itself and its technical strengths and weaknesses thanks to a study of the competitors.”

The strategy work carried out has enabled companies to save large sums in development. Money that can now be used for other important work.

"In summary I’d say that when the opportunity arises I’ll be recommending that my clients use IamIP and its innovative platform for patents," Martin concludes.

Martin Bröms, Almi Företagspartner

In his role as Innovation Advisor, Martin helps companies and private individuals with issues relating to products, functionality, use, business opportunities, official requirements and networks, for example.

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