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    We have now landed in the US and once we arrived and rang the door at Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, the office during our stay, we were embraced by the team and felt that we had known the people for years.

    On our way to our accommodation, I got to think of 3 important things that you just don´t want to impede your ability to meet with prospective clients. And Silicon Valley is no exception to these 3 rules:

    1. Not having a local cell phone number when calling.
    2. Not having a business card, although we´re living in the era of total digitalization and “Internet of things”.
    3. Not being able to present a local business address.

    Fortunately, we have been able to arrange this and this is HOW we did it:

    Creation of business cards

    Step 1

    Before you can create a business card you need to have an American mobile phone number. Nobody in the US will call an international number - that’s how you do business here in the valley. There are prepaid contracts and we went to a T-mobile shop nearby Nordic Innovation House.

    The cost is between 30 $ and 95$ for 30 days depending on the amount of data that should be included. Make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked, we missed that :)

    Step 2

    You also need an address when doing business in the US. A local address will show that you are a local company. Thanks to the TINC programme, we had an address to put on the business card; 470 Ramona Street, Palo Alto.

    Step 3

    Once you have the number and address, it´s time to order the business cards. We decided to use the Copy Factory ( in Palo Alto because we needed the cards the same day. The cost was 42$ for 200 cards.

    With these important steps taken, we are ready to start approaching prospects and partners next week. Somewhat like a Steve Jobs in the seventies...

    Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for more advice”!

    PS. We promise to keep you updated on a more or less daily basis. DS

    /Dimitris and Falah

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