• What is new in the patent world?


    The CEO of IamIP, Dimitris Giannoccaro will tell us how did he share his vision during the IP World Summit and about the plans for the upcoming EPO Conference.

    "With over ten years of experience, we have developed something new in the Intellectual Property field", Mr. Giannoccaro starts. "The IP World Summit 2017 was a great opportunity to meet the industry, the right audience and interesting companies in our business area."

    Mr. Giannoccaro continues: "The most important issue that our clients encounter is the lack of a good way to incorporate a whole organization in patent matters and a platform to collaborate about such information. Our tool is a perfect solution for this". 

    After presenting the upgraded IamIP platform to its clients, a very positive response with strong interest was shown about the new features that amongst others enable teams to work efficiently and proactively with no need for physical meetings.

    "EPO Patent Information Conference which will be held Sofia in November brings a lot of new opportunities. We want to show the world a new way to work with 3rd patent information", says Mr. Giannoccaro. "By being open to discussing our future clients' problems and willingness to adjust we will connect with decision-makers in the field. Participation in conferences is an excellent source of knowledge about our clients and their needs and challenges. As a result, our platform and its features will be the exact response to our customers’ needs", finishes Mr. Giannoccaro.

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