"IamIP ist sehr hilfreich, um herauszufinden, was unsere Wettbewerber tun" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB

Performance in Cold

As the name suggests Performance in Cold is the innovative consulting company that provides services related to performance in the cold, a concept for certifying work and performance in cold climates. The concept includes education and training to improve expertise and measurements of individual conditions as well as improvements to personal safety equipment and the local environment.

"The concept is unique and the method for measuring individual ability has been patented, validated and tested for reliability. I’m responsible for launching and introducing the concept in the international market, says Ulla Juntti, CEO of Performance in Cold AB.”

New design and new technology go hand in hand

The company is working in close collaboration with clients and subcontractors because the concept is new and the company is breaking new ground, and also because it’s created innovative new technology that has to be easy to handle and use, esthetically appealing, ergonomically designed and quick to produce. As a result, the design and technology form a unique combination that opens up brand new markets beyond the concept of "performance in the cold”.

"There’s potential for using the method and constituent products in brand new industries, such as cold production in the manufacturing sector, product development or medical research and development work, says Ulla.”

Patent and brand strategy for the future

The company’s proactive development work and focus on "always listening to the clients’ needs” mean the strategy work on patents and brands needs to be intensified. Advanced business intelligence is a critical business factor in this work. A clear plan is needed for future patent and brand applications.

”IAMIP’s tools for business intelligence give us a quick and easy way of monitoring new patents – around the world. By constantly staying up to date while also having access to concise, easy-to-understand descriptions of new ideas in the world, we ‘hatch’ our own new ideas for improving our concept, says Ulla.”

Arctic Business Incubator realizes the company’s dreams

Performance in Cold is a good example of how Sweden’s most northerly incubator, Arctic Business Incubator, gives creative, brave and driven people specialist support to develop their ideas and build companies with international growth potential.

"Arctic Business Incubator is a wonderful environment for us to develop our business in, Ulla concludes.”

Ulla Juntti, CEO

In her role as CEO Ulla is responsible for the company’s marketing and new concept launches.

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