"IamIP ist sehr hilfreich, um herauszufinden, was unsere Wettbewerber tun" - Marcello Masgrau, Airec AB


As a startup in a fast-moving technology field of indoor positioning, Senion has a great interest in monitoring what others in the field are patenting. This is important for several reasons, among them to see in which direction the field is emerging and making sure that we are not infringing on anyone else’s patent.

Senion’s monitoring of patents was previously based on individual searches in different free patent databases. Our findings were collected in word files and seldom updated. This made the search coverage uncertain and it was hard to collaborate throughout the team members about patents.

When onboarding iamip we could cover searching in all the previous patent databases in just one place creating a much more efficient process. We could also monitor critical patents to receive e-mail alerts when there were updates to an application or if the application was granted.

The ability to create alerts for new patents in areas of interest made our patent monitoring more automatic and therefore making it more likely to be done regularly. Comments and findings could also easily be shared among team members in the online platform.

Quote: ”As a result of using iamip, Senion now has a much more complete and cost effective monitoring of patents which leads to a more efficient R&D process. We have a peace of mind as we are more certain to not infringe on anyone else’s patent.” says David Törnqvist, CTO and co-founder of Senion.

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